The one thing about the Real Estate market today, is that there are tons of deals. And for the people that have some cash are really cashing in on these great deals. The One thing you have to remember is you must always create a call to action. You could have the best deal in town, but you must add a push to get the buyers to react quick. You can do this in many different ways.

One thing you can do, is call your buyers first. If you have a VIP buyers list, Probate Realtor Oro Valley which everyone should. Give them a call, and let them know about the property and tell them that tomorrow you will blast it out to about 1000 people on your email list. This way the buyer feels very important, and will be forced to act soon, because the fear of losing out on the deal. Another thing you can do when sending off your properties to your email list, put that your last property sold less than a hour last time you blasted out a email to your list. Once again it creates that scarcity, that they can lose out on a great deal.

One last thing you could do as well. Is when the buyer calls to ask if its still available. Tell him hold on a minute let me check. Wait like 30 secs to a minute to act like your checking if its still available because you believe it sold. This method works great. Then get back to them, and let them know its still available but probably won’t be after today. If you start to implement all of these strategies, you will see your properties will start to get sold a lot quicker.

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