The best one man tent models for camping and backpacking will be the lightest and least complicated to setup. Makers of one man tents like Eureka Coleman, Marmot and others know this and have taken great steps to develop the most lightweight tents to house a single person. If you need a sold and ultralight shelter for enduring a long or short trek in the outdoors, then a solo tent is a great choice.

Some of the best one man tents are those that are able to pop up. These can be easily folded away and stored for easy transport, then just folded up for use when a Best Time To Do Annapurna Base Camp Trek or shelter is needed. Integrated poles and a system to self-fold will most likely be in use. Not many companies offer this, but if you want to limit your time putting together a tent, this is a viable option that needs to be considered for all backpackers.

When you look for a one man tent, don’t just look at the weight and the price. Study the different features that are present in the different models. The best ones will have all the options and amenities of a more heavy tent, but in a smaller footprint and lightweight. Make sure to not sacrifice your comfort on the trail for weight unless you don’t mind bare bones camping and would rather have the extra freedom to carry other heavier items and skimp on tent weight.

The size of tents made for one person when folded down is important too. Sometimes sticking with the same brand as your pack will help to have integrated parts on the backpack to rig the tent for transportation. These types of backpacking tents are much different than your average camping one for base camps or dome and cabin, multi-person excursions. So getting all the details down before setting off on your trip is a good idea.

Whether you’re in the USA, UK or Australia and any other part of the world for that matter and you’re going on a solo trip, a portable shelter for one person will save you space and weight. This is important for fatigue and a number of other reasons. Many people even get ones that are made for cycling that has an awning for their bikes at night as well as themselves.

As you can see, there are several things to think about when purchasing a camping tent for one. There are many options and brands out there. Consider lightweight, price and storage footprint size in your decision. These are simple things that will help you find the best one man camping tent for a journey of any length.

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